Thursday, February 18, 2010

Red, Grreen, Orange and Yellow Stirfry!

Made an awesome and simple stirfy using carrots, water chestnuts, pepper, baby corn (all these were frozen) fresh broccoli, firm tofu and garlic sprouts (thanks kathryn!). Never used frozen veggies before, usually cut my own, but was lazy and the result was nice. Something to keep in mind is to put the garlic/onion in the pan first, then frozen veggies, then fresh, then anything like tofu (or egg, if I ate it) would go in last.
Served with a Balsamic miso glaze (it also contained ketchup, mustard, lime juice, vegetable stock and awesome asian hot sauce).
Please forgive the fail photo.
Also I ate too many of Kathryn's cookies, which were amazing.


  1. you and your crazy sauces and dressings.
    you saucy lady. ha.

  2. This is awesome guys! Definitely going to be stealing your recipes.